Preparation and Dating of Mortar Samples—Mortar Dating Inter-Comparison Study (MODIS)

Pre-war period[ edit ] While being a member of the Triple Alliance with Austria-Hungary and Germany , Italy did not declare war in August , arguing that the Alliance was defensive in nature and therefore Austria-Hungary’s aggression did not obligate Italy to take part. More importantly, a radical nationalist political movement, called Unredeemed Italy Italia irredenta , founded in the s, started claiming the Italian-inhabited territories of Austria-Hungary, especially in the Austrian Littoral and in the County of Tyrol. By the s, the expansionist ideas of this movement were taken up by a significant part of the Italian political elite. The annexation of those Austrian territories that were inhabited by Italians became the main Italian war goal, assuming a similar function to the issue of Alsace-Lorraine for the French. Salandra began to think that victory for the Entente was in sight, and was so anxious not to arrive too late for a share in the profits that he instructed his envoy in London to drop some demands and reach agreement quickly. In blue, initial Italian conquests Italian Alpini troops; Italian soldiers listening to their General’s speech During the Italo-Turkish War in Libya — , the Italian military suffered equipment and munition shortages not yet repaired before Italian entry into the Great War. This offensive opened the first Battles of the Isonzo.

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Nineteen years of mortar dating — learning from experience. The International Mortar Dating project —. Tracing contaminants in the AMS mortar dating process and elimination by sequential dissolution. Lindroos presented the Key Note Lecture:

Papers of the Medieval Europe Brugge , conference volume 10, , Hale and Heinemeier J. Mortar dating in Medieval and Classical archaeology. Ringbom article Visby Lindroos, Alf. C chronology of fire damaged mortars. Current research on Roman Mortar and Concrete. Proceedings of the conference March The volume includes the following articles by the Mortar Dating International team: Mortar dating and roman pozzolana, results and interpretations.

Mortars and Ceramics,

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Analysis of the materials and authentication of a polychrome wood mask from Papua New Guinea In this study the characterization of the constitutive materials and of the restoration products The mask belongs to the culture of Lower Sepik river. It represents a double figure of ancestors patrons of the hunting. The art of the Sepik river exhibits an enormous variety of styles, forms, techniques and ideas together with a remarkable aesthetic research and a desire of artistic innovation.

The internal airfares ARE included any exceptions are listed in red below , but we list the taxes separately on your invoice as they are beyond our control and can change at any time. Tour Overview For the better part of a month, we immerse ourselves in the cultures, partake in the beauty of the landscapes and seek to discover the hearts and souls of Malta and Italy, two highly rewarding destinations in Mediterranean Europe.

In Malta, we cast off for a short sailing expedition along the routes once travelled by the Knights of St. John, see the Grand Master’s Palace in Valletta — as well as innumerable other historic sites dating from prehistoric and Neolithic eras, to Phoenician, Roman and colonial times — experience the colour of picturesque fishing villages and embrace mythical worlds on a trip to the Blue Grotto, fabled home of the beautiful but deadly Sirens.

Our adventure in Italy begins on Sicily, where we soak up the ambiance in outdoor markets, admire Byzantine mosaics and Arab-Norman architecture, and wander the ruins of massive World Heritage temples and Greco-Roman amphitheatres. Via Pompeii and Naples, we head to Rome, a metropolis that numbers as one of the world’s greatest capital cities and a destination that never fails to deliver an eternity of memories.

We tour the Colosseum, the plazas and squares, the seat of the Roman senate, the magnificent fountains, the temples and citadel, and, of course, the cafes, before we make headway for the Vatican. An incredible, star-studded line-up of destinations brings our tour to a close: Siena, Pisa, Florence, Verona and Venice; each draws thousands of travellers each year and each would alone warrant a trip to Italy.

Attractions by the dozen and magical experience by the hundred; this Malta and Italy tour truly is a blockbuster. Malta has a greater density of historic sights than any other country. Starting with its unique prehistoric temples, some of the oldest stone buildings in the world, it also has Roman catacombs, medieval towns, and the extraordinary architectural and artistic legacy of the Knights of St John the Knights of Malta.

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In , under the leadership of Giuseppe Garibaldi , Victor Emmanuel II of the House of Savoy was invited to take the throne of the newly independent kingdom. World War I See also: Most of the actions were fought in northern Italy and the Royal Army suffered many casualties. This included over , dead.

Metrics Book description This book examines how Romans used their pottery and the implications of these practices on the archaeological record. It is organized around a flow model for the life cycle of Roman pottery that includes a set of eight distinct practices: The result is a rich portrayal of the dynamic that shaped the archaeological record of the ancient Romans that will be of interest to archaeologists, ceramicists, and students of material culture.

It should be read wherever archaeology is taught and will be an important resource for students of Roman pottery, for whom the illustrations, appendices, and maps will be particularly helpful. Furthermore, the book sets a new intellectual level for the study of excavation pottery in Old World archaeology. His book belongs in the reference library, not just of every excavation director and pottery analyst on Roman sites, but also of any archaeologist working with a sophisticated urbanized by preindustrial culture.

American Journal of Archaeology ‘The book will be stimulating reading to classical archaeologists who work with excavated pottery, particularly from urban and domestic sites. Bryn Mawr Classical Review ‘By encouraging us to look more carefully at the behaviour that lies behind assemblage formation, the book has been entirely successful in its aims.

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Ponte Vecchio , which spans the Arno river Florence is known as the “cradle of the Renaissance” la culla del Rinascimento for its monuments, churches, and buildings. The best-known site of Florence is the domed cathedral of the city, Santa Maria del Fiore , known as The Duomo, whose dome was built by Filippo Brunelleschi. The nearby Campanile partly designed by Giotto and the Baptistery buildings are also highlights.

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