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They’re a match made in HEAVEN! Lil Romeo and Angela Simmons are OFFICIALLY…

She was even then much more beautiful than any girl I had ever seen. But what I noticed more was Megan’s totally bad-ass attitude. She just did not care what anyone thought of her. While most girls are into make-up and shoes, Megan was just a total rebel who loved to hang out with the boys and luckily her favourite boy was me. Megan and I spent every minute together and she loved doing anything and everything with me. We used to go fishing and surfing, total boys things which Megan loved.

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An Active Kid His parents say he loves sports and enjoys playing baseball and tennis. He stands to inherit a ridiculous fortune whichever direction he goes.

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His debut single, My Baby, released shortly afterward, went on to sell over a million copies earning it platinum certification in the US. Since then, he has released numerous records, including mixtapes, soundtrack and collaboration albums. This year, he will also be playing a recurring role in the drama, Famous in Love.

How much has he earned from his music career so far? How rich is the twenty-something?

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Early life[ edit ] Miller was born in New Orleans. He is the son of rapper and entrepreneur Master P and former rapper Sonya C. Dick and the brother of singer and actress Cymphonique Miller. Romeo was signed to No Limit ‘s subsidiary label Soulja Music Entertainment at the age of five, after he wrote a rap to his father. Music career[ edit ] Lil’ Romeo[ edit ] He released his debut album seven years later, titled after his original alias Lil’ Romeo. It contains the hit single ” My Baby ” that charted No.

Romeo Miller

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Monday, February 08, 2: Raps, plays ball, and has never been seen out in public with a shabby looking woman. He’s another young star that’s very popular with the ladies, but you would be surprised to hear who he may be linking up with now. Angela Simmons is pretty big news herself, with a track record of proven entrepreneurial success and killer looks, it’s no surprise how many guys run out of breath chasing her.

Recently making headlines for a fling with rapper Yo Gotti, after he name dropped her on a song, it seems Angela may be taking her love life in another direction with the younger rapper Romeo Miller. The two have a show together titled “Growing Up Hip Hop. Did you ever think you would be with me? The series “Growing Up Hip Hop” so far has showcased all of the attention young Romeo gets from other women.

Romeo Miller Dating

Who Is Romeo Miller Girlfriend. Master P and Mrs. Percy Robert Miller and Sonya Question Who is Lil Romeo Girlfriend? Nov 5, Does lil romeo have a girlfriend? Does Anthony Romeo Santos have a girlfriend?

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According to reports, someone used their photo-editing skills to stir up a potentially damaging nude scandal. For a few weeks now some nude photos of Romeo Miller have been leaked on many urban and hip hop websites. We found the original selfie that the rapper and Dancing with the Stars alum took. And although he was shirtless, he was not naked below the waist. Another day, another nude photo scandal!

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Hot webcam dating sites without registration Romeo miller who is he dating It contains the hit single “My Baby” that charted No. The album sold close to 2, , copies in the United States to date. Many of his followers advised him to date a black woman because Morgan was only with him for his money. In the show’s second season Lucious explains to Andre that he doesn’t approve of his white wife Rhonda. In , Miller released his third album Romeoland; it charted on the US Billboard at number seventy.

The paparazzi spotted the pair leading to rumors that they’re dating. The rapper took too long to put a ring on it and she recently had her first child with Sutton Tennyson. After posting the following picture of himself with Morgan he received very negative comments on social media. Now that Rhonda’s dead Lucious and Andre have a great relationship.

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However, the former publicist in me is not buying it. Amanda Anderson-Niles Nothing is more important to a celebrity than their image. And when it comes to the acting business, your image can very well make or break your career, and your ability to find work. Black actors and actresses can easily find themselves out of a role or from even being considered for major roles in African-American films if they have a risky image. And nothing can kill a career faster than getting pissing off black women.

This is evident with the notorious demise of the careers of former heart throbs such as Wesley Snipes, Tyrese Gibson, and Terrence Howard. Romeo Miller is the handsome offspring of Master P, a former rap mogul. He started off making kiddie rap songs like Bow Wow became known for, and later joined the ranks of Nickelodeon and got into television.

Romeo — Yeah, Lil Wayne & Master P Are a Thing … But Check Out My Hot Girlfriend