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It’s been fun watching this convention and community grow over the years, as I’ve seen other repeat offenders and made some new friends. It was nice to have time to get through security, grab my bag of BroadwayCon gear and browse the Museum before heading to my first panel of the Con. I started with “Dancing Through Life: Hunter Thoroughly Modern Millie. As a fan of dance and choreography, it was interesting to hear Sergio and JoAnn’s journeys from dancing in shows, picking up dance later in life and moving on to choreographing shows.

It’s produced by Nigel Lythgoe of SYTYCD and AI. He’s tasked two British choreographers to audition, choreograph and stage a performance with twelve unknown dancers in just four weeks. He’s tasked two British choreographers to audition, choreograph and stage a performance with twelve unknown dancers in just four weeks.

Just call Morgan, or Rossi. Tell them we changed our mind and we need help. You made it a few more feet before dropping it, again panting. You rolled your eyes and playfully swatted at him. Jack came running out of the house, throwing himself down on the sofa next to you. I might be able to manage if I had someone else to help on my end. Do you know any other strong Hotchner men, that are willing to help move a sofa?

This time, with a little help from Jack you all managed to slowly but surely get the sofa into the sitting room. That was one of your conditions on moving in; getting rid of the old, horrendous looking sofa that Aaron had owned since he moved out of his parents home.

American Idol 2012 Top 7 Results Recap: Judge’s Use Their Save In Results Shocker

Edit Along with every other contestant, Harper performed a jazz routine to, “Puttin’ on the Ritz. Immediately, Turner and Harper figured out why they were paired together was because they are the tallest contestants of season Jasmine was asked to explain her life and personality in 10 seconds. She claimed she loves the color red, loves killer whales, and can whistle really well. She tried to explain more, but ran out of time and stumbled.

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Life is a Reality Show Not only is life a reality show to me, it’s also a game show and occasionally a talk show, with a splash of 90’s sitcom thrown in there. I watch all of the reality shows. I used to have to throw in the disclaimer about not having time to catch up on America’s Next Top Model, but I am finally up to speed. Look for weekly thoughts on currently airing shows and keep an eye out for blasts from the past. I know people are reading, but I would love to get some feedback.

Sunday, February 25, American Idol:

American Idol 2012 Auditions

Judges[ edit ] Series creator and executive producer Nigel Lythgoe returned as a member of the permanent judging panel, along with new permanent members Paula Abdul and Jason Derulo. Format[ edit ] Season 12 featured a significant shift in format in that it was the first season where contestants were not selected based on their gender. Contestants were selected based on whether the competitor considered themselves a “Stage” dancer or a “Street” dancer.

Stage styles included ballet, ballroom, contemporary, jazz, latin and tap, while the Street styles included freestyle, break dancing, hip-hop, and krump. Previously, the Dancers were selected across all genres and were divided by gender, with ten men and ten women being selected for the Top Twenty.

Pure So You Think You Can Dance, A fan site of So You Think You Can Dance Music, Video and News. They are DATING which explains their chemistry and why this piece worked well for them. Mine is Amy, Jasmine, Aaron and Paul. Tweet; Post a Comment (15) August 21, I Written By Amanda. Dance is one of my biggest passions. I grew up.

Back after last year’s sold out performances, Y Cabaret features six choreographers showcasing new and existing works and is hosted by the Master of Ceremonies, Clinton Edward. Audiences will experience the weird, the sensual, the funny, the sexy, and the entertaining in our dance cabaret; and what better way to do that than with a drink in hand?

Get up close and personal with some of the hottest choreographers in town and experience dance outside of the boundaries of traditional performance. Recently she was commissioned to create a piece for Marymount Manhattan College, and also presented work at The Young Choreographers Festival. Abarukas is a New York City-based contemporary dance company founded in in the fall of , led by artistic director, Yoshito Sakuraba.

Dance Festival, and more.


This article just made my day: Is it okay if I end this post with the word Sweet? On every single level – the story, the characters, the acting, the way it was filmed – I got lost inside it.

Ashley, Mary-Kate, and Elizabeth Olsen all attended the CFDA Fashion Awards in NYC on Monday night. The sisters, who rarely make public appearances together, struck a handful of g.

Judges do the initial selections, and then whittle the number down to a final The jurists, plus votes by viewers, then select a male and a female winner. Jasmine Harper and Aaron Turner were the runners-up. The quartet will appear with the other top 10 finalists at the State Theatre in Cleveland on October 15 at 8: The tour started in East Lansing, Michigan on October 1.

The morning of that show I interviewed year old Turner, whose specialty is tap. Ironically, he was not selected to be in the top 10, but due to an injury to a finalist, he was given a reprieve.

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So, I insincerity for the life of me understand why he would allow an important person borrow them, but he did.

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Not good at all. The red is too red, the cutouts are off, the belt over the cutouts is awful. What is happening around her neck? What is happening with her hair? Is this a cry for help? All the redheads are in blue tonight although this is more midnight than royal. This is how you do couture cutouts, people. This dress is not in my personal catalog of preferred styles, but it is an excellent example of the style it is, and it looks great on her. Excuse me, I had No Doubt on compact disc, lady.

I dig the make-up.

Aaron Turner

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the contestants face another cut on an all-new “so you think you can dance” monday, september 4, on fox Each dancer has another opportunity to impress the judges and fight for the nation’s vote before some are cut each week.

Edit This week, Aaron performed a jazz group routine to, “Puttin’ on the Ritz. The dance was performed to, “Bottom of the River,” by Delta Rae. The judges enjoy the piece, commenting on Jasmine’s legs and Aaron’s sexiness. He was announced to be safe this week and did not land in the bottom 6. The dance topics a rude musician, Aaron, who comes home from tour to his girlfriend, Jasmine, and expects her to welcome him with open arms.

But, Jasmine is tired of being disrespected and rebels. The piece is praised by the judges, saying that their chemistry was spot on and went on forever. He and Jasmine were once again safe for the week and did not land in the bottom. The judges love the piece complimenting it’s style and class. Aaron was revealed to be safe again this week and did not have to dance for his life or be in the bottom 6.

Aaron and Jasmine Harper teamed up again to perform a very dreaded and difficult quickstep choreographed by Tony and Melanie LaPatin inspired by the roaring ‘s. The judges enjoy the duet and compliment them humorously on their charm and attitude in the piece. Turner and Harper were both safe for the week and could remain in the competition, making Aaron the only Tapper ever to be in the top They were to perform a gritty hip-hop routine choreographed by NappyTabs, depicting a robber from the old west, Aaron, and a gold digger, Jasmine, who wants all of Aaron’s money and that’s just what she gets.

One more step

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She received two 8-year sentences however was released after just 6. Dog the bounty hunter may hunt bad guys now, but at one time Chapman was one of the bad guys, himself.

Celebrity Wives: Then and Now

At the top of the show, Ryan does the thing he does every Top 7 week and starts forming two groups. This time he started with Hollie Cavanagh and Jessica Sanchez. They were put in two different spots on the stage, starting the two groups. After a performance by American Idol alum James Durbin, we get back to the building of the groups.

Ryan calls Phillip Phillips and Elise Testone to center stage. Surely Elise will join Hollie in the group that has to be the Bottom 3, right?

Celebrity wives are a specimen of their own. Their looks seem unattainable as they never seem to age and often resemble barbie dolls. They are most likely some part of show business or the entertainment industry and are without a doubt gorgeous.

Leave a comment No, Ricki. So this is up over at nerve. Most need to be rescued by their male love interest; almost all Disney Princess movies end in marriage or engagement. And sure, I have a personal stake here — I write romances; I am a feminist; I think I can write feminist-friendly romance. I mean, first of all, most of the world wants love. Declaring that wanting love is un-feminist if the object of your love is a man and you are a woman is destructive to feminism.

I think if you compiled all the stories about love that have been told since the world began, and then all the stories about death, love would win. Especially since love has the powerhouse romance novel publishing sector backing it up. Nemo doesnt fall in love, and neither does his dad. Sleeping Beauty is one of the old-school ones, and Aurora does not have much agency, and mostly she dances in the forest with some dude and then falls asleep while he rescues her.

Saraiya is only ranking the princesses, sure, but as an overall movie, the people in this one with the most power, the most agency, the ones who do the most stuff to forward the plot, are the three good fairies. Prince Phillip can only come to the rescue and do stuff because they basically do it for him. But that means basically all of the people in this movie who act, who have agency, who forward goals and make plans and do stuff, are women.

Aaron and Jasmine -So you think you can dance season 10 top 6