Chris Soules, Cops Put Me in a Catch-22 in Fatal Hit and Run Case

That article generated a lot of questions from my readers. Most of the questions were something along the lines of: There are experts who fall on both sides of the issue. Here are my thoughts from the perspective of a cop who has been on the job for more than 23 years and who has stopped hundreds of people with concealed carry licenses. Please be advised that this is not legal advice. I am not a lawyer. I am not your lawyer. Failure to do that could get you cited or arrested. Your notification should be calm. How do you want to proceed?

Can a police officer date a felon that is on Probation?

Arrow icon Four African American narcotics officers and the Guardian Civic League, which represents black police officers, have filed a federal lawsuit against Philadelphia, its police department and two narcotics supervisors claiming the officers are victims of workplace racial discrimination and retaliation for refusing to falsify drug-arrest paperwork. Police Department spokesman Capt.

Sekou Kinebrew was not at work Friday and no one else was available to comment on the suit, a department spokesman said.

For one, dating a cop, unlike dating a lawyer or doctor or accountant or even cashier, comes with the constant fear for your loved one. I mean, every day he’s walking the street means danger for him and let me tell you, and that’s a lot of pressure on someone.

Eddie Johnson changed course to take six officers and a sergeant off the street. Johnson had taken the stage for a City Club speech Thursday afternoon touting good-news crime statistics and efforts to rebuild community trust — a message he had to deliver only about two hours after a judge wiped out the convictions of 15 men whose cases were tainted by police misconduct.

Watts was sentenced to 22 months in prison for stealing money from a drug courier who was working as an FBI informant. Tepfer filed a page petition two months ago outlining misconduct allegations dating back to the early s, including four cases in which judges threw out convictions after ruling it was likely the defendants had been framed by Watts and other members of his tactical team. Seven officers — six of whom still appear to be on the CPD payroll — signed off on reports in those cases, and another four officers have been mentioned in other questionable cases, the filing states.

At least one of the exonerated men, Leonard Gipson, said that officers on Watts crew still harass him to this day. The Watts case also has haunted top brass in the department. The city admitted no wrongdoing as part of the settlement, which was reached after a federal judge ruled that Mayor Rahm Emanuel might have to testify. None of the supervisors named in the case were disciplined or even investigated by the department, Spalding said.

And the taxpayers should not be further insulted by having to foot the pensions of these officers who have clearly acknowledged being involved in criminal conduct in the course of their jobs as Chicago Police officers. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

Ask Amy: Nurse and cop put in a dating shift

Comments There are many important questions about police brutality in America that are not being asked by the mainstream media. What sort of police officers would behave this way? Are they driven to this type of negative behavior by their training? Or do police have a psychological and political predisposition that encourages such actions?

Oct 15,  · Cops used ‘Big Blue’ dildo to harass men and women, so town says lawsuit should be tossed. Updated October 15, It detailed alleged misconduct dating to .

The guns were used to threaten people, seized at gang hangouts, discovered in drug houses, possessed illegally by convicted felons, hidden in a stolen car and taken from a man who was committed because of erratic behaviour. The AP did not look at how many of the resold guns figured in crimes committed out of state, so the actual number of misused weapons could be higher. Jeff Schneider of the Yakima Police Department, which sold guns until about a decade ago but now melts them down. On the other side of the debate, some law enforcement officials say the selling of guns raises money to purchase crime-fighting equipment, and if the practice were abandoned, people would just buy weapons somewhere else.

In fact, a growing number of states from Arizona to North Carolina are passing laws prohibiting agencies from destroying guns. The debate is playing out in Washington state, where the State Patrol is pushing back against a state law that requires the agency to auction off or trade most guns. Tana Senn of Bellevue, Wash.

Good cop/bad cop

Mail icon Sitting next to him Thursday night, Dina Scannapieco of South Philadelphia said she had asked the dazed, year-old Rivera where he had been arrested. He was in a hospital gown covered in blood. Eventually the couple made it to the block of North Sixth Street, where he had been arrested the night before – and where two officers were saying Rivera had thrown one of them into a brick wall.

Oct 25,  · Watch out for those dating apps! A man’s pricey watch was stolen by a date he met on OKCupid, cops said Thursday. The year-old Manhattan .

July 10, at Please get an understanding of white supremacy because then you will realize black people were not ever supreme at javk and currently are not supreme at a dang thing! When blacks folks are good here in the U. S than I can concern myself with others movements. Black people have wasted far too much time co signing other groups movements all the while our community has fallen apart.

Half of America agreed that it was time to pass laws to allow gays to marry but over half of Americans believe the Confederate Flag represents history and not racism. Laid back July 13, at 7:

Two Philly cops charged with brutality; video shows man being struck, beaten

How to Date a Male Cop By: Michelle Renee Many women are attracted to a man in uniform, and police officers are a commonly coveted type of uniformed man. Dating a police officer is much like dating a man in any other profession; however there are a few differences that some women don’t take notice of when pursuing a relationship with a policeman. Knowing a few things about the life of a policeman can make it easier for interested ladies to successfully date a male cop.

Many women are attracted to police officers Meet Singles in your Area!

10 Rules for Dealing with Cops, By a Cop. I hope 10 Rules for Dealing with Police will be embraced by parents, teachers, activists, and even police departments as we work towards reducing the.

This is because you have a right to privacy, which includes a right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures under the Fourth Amendment of the U. In all states, if the officer has obtained a search warrant from a court, then your text messages can be read. In January, , the California Supreme Court ruled that the police can search a cell phone without a warrant when taken from a suspect at the time of arrest.

Photo by Zawezome Flickr Many teens and young people feel as though what they do on their cell phone remains private and is personal to them and the person they are communicating with. When the officer arrived, he asked McCray the driver for consent to search the truck, which McCray provided. During the search, the officer discovered drugs in the ashtray. He arrested McCray and then searched his cell phone.

Should criminal cops lose their pensions?

Blue Lives Matter bills that would increase the penalties for attacking police are popping up in states and Congress. Supporters of such legislation argue that targeted attacks on cops are on the rise and that politicians need to take a stand against such violence. Critics counter that the bills dilute the meaning of a hate crime and detract from the more widespread issues of excessive use of force and racial discrimination by police.

Police Officers Shot in All. In Louisiana, getting convicted of a hate crime could mean up to five more years in prison for felonies or an extra six months for misdemeanors. The hate crimes mentioned in the new law include rape, arson, assault with a firearm and manslaughter.

May 29,  · “Dating Cops” can be found on The Inte Fan vid: My daughter asked if she could make a video for this song on an iPad using DoInk, .

Privacy Policy Portage police officer Kathlyn Crook has been a full-time cop for only a few months, but she’s already heard enough complaints from citizens about driving her patrol car while off duty. Most police departments in Northwest Indiana have a similar policy, though tailored to a police chief’s preferences. In Portage, police chief Troy Williams is a strong advocate for allowing officers to use their squad cars for personal use, insisting it helps deter crime.

But this is a complex issue with multiple layers of protocol and public opinion, he noted. Some cops want to keep their work and personal lives separate. Others don’t want to be obligated to respond to emergency or criminal situations while on personal time. Portage police officer Kathryn Crook uses her patrol car for personal use, saying its presence alone improves public safety, even when she’s off duty. Michael Grennes, spokesman for the Valparaiso Police Department.

That city’s officers are allowed to drive their vehicles while off-duty anywhere in Porter County, but not out of county. The Porter County Sheriff’s Department allows its 50 officers to take their assigned cars home for personal use. I’ve heard — and hated — all the derogatory nicknames for food trucks while working on them for more than 20 years. Before I got into the newspaper business, I worked in a family food business called Uncle’s.

WATCH: Witnesses Horrified as Cop Beats and Suffocates 9-yr-old Child

There are three basic types of encounters with the police: Conversation, Detention, and Arrest. Conversation When the cops are trying to get information, but don’t have enough evidence to detain or arrest you, they’ll try to weasel some information out of you. They may call this a “casual encounter” or a “friendly conversation”. If you talk to them, you may give them the information they need to arrest you or your friends. In most situations, it’s better and safer not to talk to cops.

Aug 23,  · Can two cops date each other? So, I’m writing this grizzly murder story, and the main character is a cop; and so is his counterpart. So, what I was wondering is this: Can two officers have a personal relationship and work in the same place even though they keep it strictly professional?Status: Resolved.

One year later, it expanded again, to 28 secret agents. A major portion of Vidocq’s subordinates were ex-criminals like himself. He himself still went out hunting for criminals too. His memoirs are full of stories about how he outsmarted crooks by pretending to be a beggar or an old cuckold. At one point, he even simulated his own death. From the start, the force occasionally employed plainclothes undercover detectives, but there was much public anxiety that these powers were being used for the purpose of political repression.

What To Do When The Cops Show Up

As a journalist, I respectfully disagree. GregoryGr Saving a life? Let me tell you what, even though he is an illegal immigrant without papers, he is laughing big right now.

The police and dating violence Victoria Police guidelines say they have to take any form of family violence seriously – this includes violence from a boyfriend, girlfriend, or partner – including a same-sex partner.

By Amanda Kerri June 19 5: It actually goes all the way back to the days shortly after the Stonewall riots when the newly awakened LGBT community of Greenwich Village tried to decide on how to keep up the unity and power of their newfound movement. At one of the earliest meetings, leaders asked what they could do to help the community — some suggested LGBT liberation and equality by destroying the global capitalist system of oppression, while others suggested getting some blankets for the homeless LGBT people who slept in the neighborhood park.

Over the past few years there has been a growing issue of allowing police to participate in Pride celebrations that has already drawn protests at Pride events and divided the LGBTQ community. Yes, I am about to advocate for police participation in Pride. I have long been critical of police violence and excessive force. During one of the recent demonstrations I found a comment by a protester to be incredibly revealing: Police should be public servants whose job is to protect and assist the public, not treat them as enemy combatants, as a side revenue stream for cities through excessive fines and civil asset forfeiture.

In fact, well before overly aggressive policing and excessive fines targeting the poor became a mainstream issue, I was a victim of it. Because of prohibitively expensive fines and a rookie cop who disliked some of the stickers on my car, I spent 10 days on the county work farm, had my car repossessed, lost my job, and more including my dog running away.

Excessive policing changed my life, and because of how punishing this was, I went active-duty military to escape destitution and soon found myself in Iraq. I am a staunch critic of using police as a revenue stream, of police abusing their positions, corruption, and of course excessive force and unjustified shootings that would get anyone else a murder or manslaughter conviction. Finally, in my view, police should be held to a higher standard of conduct, be overseen by civilian review boards, receive far more training in mental health and deescalation techniques, and most important, when found guilty of a crime receive a heavier punishment than is standard, especially when it comes to framing suspects, abuse, torture, and shootings.

And that is why I support cops at Pride.

Undercover operation

Children of man killed by carjacker slam judge for ‘light’ prison sentence File this under dumb criminals. A brainless bandit left a folder of papers marked with his name inside a car he jacked from an Uber driver in New Jersey — and was busted in Manhattan after stealing another taxi the next day, according to police sources and one of the victims.

William Coleman, who is 26 years old and homeless, allegedly slid into the back seat of an unlocked SUV belonging to year-old Uber driver Chun Lee in Jersey City at 6: Do you want to get killed? All my ID cards were inside.

By the time a partner is calling the cops, it’s time to split up, and go your separate ways. Communication has broken, as has trust. There is an inability to resolve conflicts, and that is a .

During each of these stop and frisk encounters, the right of individuals to be free from arbitrary and unwarranted intrusions by government authorities coincides with the duty of those agents to prevent crime and apprehend criminals. Achieving an appropriate balance between the right and the duty presents a challenge for any metropolitan police force. The current situation presents a formidable dilemma.

On the one hand, it is well settled that individuals are entitled to be free from arbitrary police encroachments on their privacy. At the same time, effective law enforcement and maintenance of safe streets require that officers be granted some discretion to stop and question individuals whom they reasonably suspect to be engaging in criminal activity.

Lastly, the chapter concludes with findings and policy recommendations. The Constitution provides that [t]he right of people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Accordingly, on numerous occasions, the United States Supreme Court has examined a variety of stop, search, and frisk issues that are relevant to determining whether a Fourth Amendment violation exists. In the landmark decision of Terry v. Royer further explained that [t]he person approached. He may not be detained even momentarily without reasonable, objective grounds for doing so; and his refusal to listen or answer does not, without more, furnish those grounds.

woman forces cop to take her on date during routine traffic stop