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This ‘Continental Style’ microscope sits on a Y-shaped ‘horseshoe’ foot. Arising from the foot is a short pillar, to which the main body of the microscope is attached via a compass joint. Atop the microscope is a standard 22 mm diameter ocular which fits into the chrome-plated graduated draw-tube. Coarse focus is by diagonal rack and pinion a Swift innovation. There is a patented adjustment for pressure of the outer fitting against the bearings of the coarse adjustment, which is adjusted by a silver-colored knob. The fine focus, adjusted by a silvered knob, has two patents as noted below. The smaller diameter knob allows a quick motion to the fine focus and the larger knob a slower one. There are three objectives on a triple nosepiece. The surface of the stage is of vulcanite. It has holes for two stage clips, but these have been replaced with a later mechanical stage with separate X and Y controls.

For love and money: 3 scorned women seek to bring one-time friend and lover to justice

We did not know each other well until toward the end of our M1 year, when we spent some time talking at Creighton’s Golden Apple aka med school prom and Taylor may have bought me one too many vodka cranberries. After that, summer came and we went our separate ways. When I returned from India, Taylor texted me and we continued to talk and get to know each other throughout the remainder of the summer.

Once school started again, we continued to develop our friendship during the fall of our M2 year.

Below is a list of people who had an influence on the life of Charles Darwin. While this is not an exhaustive list, it does cover all of those who had a major influence on his life.

Start the Quiz It has been too long since the Pretty Little Liars cast graced our screens all together. The show took the world by storm and received a dedicated following. With the various twists and turns throughout the show to make it a little different than the books, fans had to watch week after week in order to avoid missing a single detail.

Every episode offered important information to the finale. Fans fell in love with the characters, shipped certain ones and created theories about who could be the person behind all of mysterious happenings in this small Pennsylvanian town. One of the characters that we fell in love with was Ezra Fitz. He was a truly brilliant mind that we loved to watch.

He always managed to figure out that something was going on in the life of the Liars and did his best to do his research and get to the bottom of it. He put a lot on the line throughout the series for love, his career and to help the Liars. His knowledge truly helped in the end. Only the real Ezra Fitz could pass our quiz. Pretty Little Liars follows a group of girls that have been friends for a while. When tragedy strikes, the girls go their separate ways.

History of ophthalmology at Baylor University Medical Center

Powell Introduction To obtain information for use in selecting bone samples suitable for DNA analysis, we conducted a physical examination and assessment of the Kennewick human remains at the Burke Museum, Seattle, Washington, on April , Powell made some additional observations for use in this report on April 27, As part of our analysis, we examined the entire skeleton and made both macroscopic and microscopic observations of its condition.

In this report we present a description of the methods we used and our conclusions regarding the taphonomic history of the skeleton with special reference to conditions that are likely to have affected the suitability of specific skeletal elements for DNA analysis.

Invention: Invention, the act of bringing ideas or objects together in a novel way to create something that did not exist before. Ever since the first prehistoric stone tools, humans have lived in a world shaped by invention. Indeed, the brain appears to be a natural inventor. As part of the act of.

Erik Rotheim, Norway, De fabrica corporis humani, an illustrated systematic study of the human body Andreas Vesalius, Belgium, ; comparative: Emil von Behring, Germany, Felix Hoffman, Germany, The Antikythera device, first century B. Found off island of Antikythera in

21. Telescopes & Optics

They were the brutes of Ice Age Europe. Although a branch of our human family tree, they were seen as a dead end, deep in our prehistoric past. They were called Neanderthals. Neanderthals have the mother of all image problems.

The curly story of how hair extensions are made UPDATED A New Yorker sets up shop just inside an open doorway in a back alley in Ho Chi Minh City, taking out a set of scales, zip ties, some.

But consider their merits. Microtomes are often fine pieces of mechanism. There are numerous different designs. They have an interesting history. They provide a bridge between technology and biology. The Macleay Museum at the University of Sydney has a collection of microtomes which illustrate these themes. First let us examine the origins of the instrument. Compound microscopes were first developed in the seventeenth century.

Others in the late seventeenth and early eighteenth century also prepared sections for microscopical examination but little detail is available. About a century after Hooke published his researches the first microtomes for systematically cutting specimens for the microscope were developed. John Hill, who was particularly interested in the structure of timber, designed an instrument a little like a pepper mill with a cam-shaped blade at the top for cutting sections of wood.

In Hill published his description of the instrument which was manufactured commercially by Jesse Ramsden.

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Bring fact-checked results to the top of your browser search. Uses of eclipses for chronological purposes Several examples of the value of eclipses in chronology are mentioned above in passing. No one system of dating has been continuously in use since ancient times, although some, such as the Olympiads, persisted for many centuries. In such cases, it is important to be able to equate certain specific years thus defined with years before the Christian era bce. This correspondence can be made whenever the date of an eclipse is given in an ancient record.

In this regard, eclipses have distinct advantages over other celestial phenomena such as comets:

Here is the Encyclopedia Britannica’s list for–The Greatest Inventions of All Times.

Open in a separate window Barry W. The first operative procedure at that institution was an ocular surgery performed by Dr. Cary in 1. A review of the practice of ophthalmology at BUMC and its predecessor institutions over the past years reveals the accelerated advances in medical and surgical treatment of the eye during that period. The most significant advances in the treatment of eye diseases and ocular surgery occurred in the 20th century. To place these in perspective, I review some notable discoveries and developments before the 20th century that allowed for our most recent advances.

The earliest written reference to cataract surgery was found in Sanskrit manuscripts dating from the fifth century BC. It was attributed to the Hindu surgeon Susruta and described a procedure called couching, in which the cataractous lens is displaced with a sharp instrument so that it falls into the vitreous cavity, clearing the visual axis. Since there were no corrective glasses or lenses, vision was still significantly blurred 2.

Needling or discission of cataracts, a procedure in which the cataractous lens is broken up into smaller pieces to facilitate absorption, appeared in De Medicinae by Celsus in ad 29 2.

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Matt E Leach 8: Wasn’t on look out for anything in particular but was intrigued and had a lucky bid they were thrown in with a tatty old ZI Nettar camera. Having stuck all my LF gear in loft since kids hit and instead contented myself with point and shoot digicams, this ought to encourage me to get some of it back down again.

Christmas is over, the New Year’s bell has been rung and you find yourself surrounded by tinsel and left over Celebrations that no one likes (yes Bounty, I am looking at you).

Dog named Chewbarka rescues family from house fire A chihuahua-dachshund mix named Sir LaRue Winnieschnitzle — aka Chewbarka — saved several lives when he alerted his family to a fire about to engulf their Florida home. James and Theresa Parsons woke up to Chewbarka yelping his head off. He wouldn’t stop, so Theresa got up to see what was making him so upset, and saw the porch was on fire.

The Parsons ran to the front door and escaped. While they were safe, the house was destroyed. Despite the devastation, the family is looking at the bright side — their dog is a hero. She co-authored a paper published this month in the Annals of the Entomological Society of America. Spencer loves bugs, and when classmates started making fun of her interest, Spencer’s mom wrote a letter to the Entomological Society of Canada, asking if they could send words of encouragement.

After the request hit Twitter, support started flooding in, and Morgan Jackson, an entomologist at the University of Guelph Insect Collection, decided to publish a paper on the importance of social media making science accessible to a greater audience, asking Spencer to be his co-author. The tide has turned at school, Spencer said, and now kids use her microscope to look at insects.

Man tracks down couple after finding camera on the beach with their wedding photos While walking along the water in Laguna Beach, California, Alex Noble stepped on something hard. He bent over to take a closer look, and discovered it was a camera, caked in sand.

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Always consult a competent professional for answers specific to your questions and circumstances. Happily, new devices now let more people with low vision participate fully in a world they thought was lost. These are still useful and recommended—for instance, a hand magnifier at the grocery store is inexpensive and handy. Low-vision features, such as text-to-speech, zoom and enlarged display settings, are now standard for most computers, tablets and smartphones.

This low-vision enhancement system is a head-mounted device that works similarly to the popular smartphone-based virtual reality systems. IrisVision pairs a Samsung smartphone included with a gogglelike virtual reality headset.

Summary Of Zeiss Trademarks: below is a collection of logos from articles and literature in the collection of Company Seven. These are the major logos and trade names that identified the companies, or some subsidiaries. This is not including all trade names (Contax, Contessa, etc.) or variants of the main trademark (Carl Zeiss London, etc.) that Zeiss companies employed.

This normally indicates an early date, typically around , as by the standard had changed, and the engraving was the opposite way round. The engraving also looks a little crooked, so maybe it was indeed when Banks first started making such instruments. In a slot in the first draw, there is the capability of moving the cartridge which holds the third lens in the scope sequence starting from the eye backwards and forwards, to adjust the viewed size of the viewed image the magnification, in modern parlance.

This third lens is centrally mounted in this cartridge, and it does not seem to be removable. The cartridge was presumably moved by a screw or pin positioned in the slot, attached to the cartridge: Two views of the slot with the cartridge moved right Does anyone have any suggestions as to what was attached to those two holes at the end of the slot?

Bearing in mind that the whole tube has to slide into the second draw, which means there is no protrubrance allowed above the OD of the tube…. I found this very interesting, as I have mostly used pancreatic scopes, which use a similar approach, separating the two lens cartridges by a different amount, and therefore increasing the magnification. Changing the magnification also changes the focus point, so requires a slight focal adjustment.

But what this one does is not quite as easy to define. Banks in the Strand. Robert Banks, or Bancks, was working at Strand from to


Check Gordon’s site Here. If you happen to have a Zeiss-Jena Microscope then go here. Another small, but growing, cache of manuals is here.

A horrified husband returned home to find his wife and her car mechanic lover dead in his carbon monoxide-filled garage. Kahali Johnson, of Newark, New Jersey, found the pair inside the car, which.

The objective and ocular ends both contain their original, functional dust slides. Also telling of its great age are two other significant features. In addition, the lenses are simply loose and screwed into their retainers with a threaded ring. Later telescope makers rolled their lenses into a brass seat to firmly secure them. This is a significant observation in dating such early instruments. Cleverly, the sailor left a hand hold on the wood in the proper position for supporting the telescope when viewing.

This is the first time we have encountered such work, clearly indicating its shipboard use!

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